Print on both sides manually

Use the product with Mac


Print on both sides manually

Insert enough paper into the input tray to accommodate the print job. If you are loading special paper such as letterhead, load it face-down in the tray.
On the File menu, click Print.
Mac OS X v10.4: In the Layout drop-down list, select the Long-edged binding item or the Short-edged binding item.


Mac OS X v10.5 and v10.6: Click the Two-sided check box.

Click Print. Follow the instructions in the dialog box that opens on the computer screen before placing the output stack in the tray for printing the second half.
Go to the product, and remove any blank paper that is in the tray.
Take the printed stack from the output bin, and then insert the stack printed side down into the tray with the top edge feeding into the product first.
At the computer, click the Continue button to finish the print job.
HP P1100 Print on both sides manually