Auto-Off mode

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Auto-Off mode

Auto-Off is an energy-saving feature of this product. After a user-specified time period, the product automatically reduces its power consumption (Auto-Off). The product returns to the ready state when a button is pressed or a print job is received. When the product is in Auto-Off mode, all of the control-panel LEDs and the power button backlight LED are off.

HP P1100 note Auto Off mode NOTE:

Although the product lights are off in Auto-Off mode, the product will work normally when it receives a print job.

Change the Auto-Off delay time

You can change how long the product remains idle (Auto-Off delay) before it enters Auto-Off mode.

HP P1100 note Auto Off mode NOTE:

The default Auto-Off delay setting is 5 minutes.

Open the printer properties, and then click the Device Settings tab.
Select the Auto-Off delay from the Auto-Off drop-down list.
HP P1100 note Auto Off mode NOTE:

The changed setting does not go into effect until a print job is sent to product.

HP P1100 Auto-Off mode