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HP Smart Install

HP P1100 note HP Smart Install NOTE:

This installation type is supported for Windows only.

The HP Smart Install allows you to install the product driver and software by connecting the product to a computer through a USB cable.

HP P1100 note HP Smart Install NOTE:

The installation CD is not required during a HP Smart Install. Do not insert the software installation CD into the computer CD drive.

Turn the product on.
Connect the USB cable.
The HP Smart Install program should start automatically. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software.

If the HP Smart Install program does not start automatically, AutoPlay might be disabled on the computer. Browse the computer and double-click the HP Smart Install drive to run the program. If you cannot find the HP Smart Install drive, use the product installation CD to install the software.

If the program prompts you to select a connection type, select the connection type you will use to print to the product after installation.
HP P1100 HP Smart Install